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“”The Sheriff’s Office will be more public facing than it has in the past as we demonstrate our commitment to serving Baltimore’s people. We shall strive to set an example to all that our law enforcement professionals can operate effectively while still maintaining the public trust.”
– Sam Cogen

Sheriff Cogen

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​When Sheriff Cogen took office in November of 2022, it was determined that many of the agency policies were outdated. The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office has contracted with Lexipol to update and modernize all of the Sheriff’s Office Polices. As those new polices come online, they will be shared through this website.

Duties of the Sheriff

Officer of the Law

The Sheriff and their appointed deputy sheriffs are sworn law enforcement officers. The Sheriff’s Office is an integral part of the criminal justice system, tasked with enforcing the laws of the state of Maryland and maintaining the peace within Baltimore City.

Officer of the Court

The Sheriff’s Office has a constitutional responsibility to protect the courts and to serve all court-related documents ranging from eviction orders to arrest warrants.


Representative of the People

As an elected official, the Sheriff is the only law enforcement officer directly accountable to Baltimore City’s citizens. The Sheriff is responsible for enforcing laws, keeping the peace, and listening to and addressing the community’s concerns.

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving and enforcing all court orders within the city. However, it is important to note that the deputies working in this office are sworn law enforcement officers who have to meet and maintain the same training and background requirements as any other police officer or sheriff deputy in the State of Maryland. This means that the deputies are not only trained to serve court orders but also to enforce all traffic and criminal laws anywhere in the City of Baltimore. They are given the same authority and responsibility as any other law enforcement officer, which includes having the power to arrest and detain individuals who violate the law. The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Deputies are a crucial part of the law enforcement community in the city. They work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the residents and visitors of Baltimore. Their dedication and commitment to their duty have earned them the respect and admiration of the people they serve.

The Mission


Special Operations Division

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division is responsible for serving criminal warrants issued by the circuit court. The Special Operations Division has three K9 units for Weapon, Narcotics, and Explosive detection.


Criminal Investigation Division

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division consists of detectives who investigate crimes that fall within the purview of the Baltimore City Sheriff. Investigations include threats against the judiciary, housing fraud, narcotics smuggling, witness intimidation, and firearms violations.


Domestic Violence Division

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Division is responsible for the service of domestic violence orders issued by the District Court for Baltimore City. Deputies are responsible for locating and serving respondents for protection from abuse orders.


Court Security

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Court Security Division protects the Baltimore City Circuit Court. This responsibility includes protecting judges, maintaining order within the courthouse, screening visitors for weapons or contraband, and transporting prisoners to and from the court.


Field Services

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Field Services Division is responsible for serving all civil paperwork issued by the circuit court, including Subpoenas, Levies, and Court orders. Members of this division are also responsible for serving eviction orders and posting failure to pay rent notices.


Internal Affairs

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office maintains an Internal Affairs Division to ensure that the Office continues to meet the highest standards. Internal Affairs is responsible for investigating any complaint made by a citizen and any use of force incident involving a member of the Sheriff’s Office. The Internal Affairs unit also conducts background investigations of Sheriff’s Office applicants.


Social Worker and Outreach

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office is one of the few in the country to employ a social services outreach division. Social Workers assigned to this unit assist internal and external stakeholders in crisis. Much of the unit’s work is dedicated to helping families and individuals facing eviction to develop a housing plan.



The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office maintains a 24/7, 365-day Emergency Communications Dispatch Center. In addition to providing dispatch services to Sheriff’s Deputies, this division maintains the Sheriff’s database of active arrest warrants issued by the Baltimore City Circuit Court.

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